Hilary Linssen, counselling in Southampton

About me

I have been working as a Counsellor and in Social Care for over 20 years in a variety of settings. This breadth of experience gives me additional knowledge and understanding which I can use to help you in counselling sessions.

How I work

I am a “person centred counsellor” and believe that all of us have the internal resources we need for growth and my aim is to provide the right environment to help this growth to occur. Through examination of the past, the causes of present day problems are often revealed, allowing us to relate differently to ourselves, our difficulties and to others, and either make changes or find acceptance.

I also use solution focused counselling with people who aim to find solutions to the problems they are experiencing within a short term of time


Work experience

Professional standards

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About counselling

Why think About Counselling?

Sometimes friends and family can help, but there are times when professional support is beneficial. People often find that it’s good to talk to someone in confidence for that little extra bit of help to work out problems that don’t seem to go away on their own. This can be of great value when everything seems to be getting on top of you and you can’t see the wood for the trees. Understanding the past in a new way can often lead to change in the present.

Increasingly many of us are finding there are times in life when we need a listening ear or a different perspective. As families move away from each other and we lead busier lives, people can be left with less support than might have been the case in the past. With these changes the need for outside non judgemental help has become more recognised and relevant.

Counselling can offer you the opportunity to explore your feelings and thoughts to understand yourself more clearly. It’s a time and space to really change the way you think and feel, helping you to cope more effectively with the stresses and strains of modern life. You may then begin to make effective choices that are right for you and to be able to move forward in your life.

People think about contacting a counsellor for a variety of reasons, for example:

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Frequently asked questions

What happens at the first session?

You have the opportunity to talk to me about what has prompted you to make the appointment, and what you want to get from counselling so we can work towards that goal, and share how we aim to get there. It also gives you the chance to ask the questions that are going to help you decide if I am the person you want to work with.

How many sessions?

As many, or as few, as you feel are necessary. Some people come for one or two and others attend over a period of months.

How long is each session?

50 minutes, usually at the same time each week and for as long as you want it. I offer daytime and evening appointments. I do not have a waiting room and so ask people to arrive at the time we have agreed. Making sure people leave on time means there is less chance of meeting someone on the doorstep. This helps to keep it confidential.

What happens if I am late or can’t make it?

I keep our agreed time clear for you but will not be able to continue the session beyond that time. If you are late then we can talk about it when you arrive.

We will share any weeks we cannot make the counselling sessions when we start and I will offer alternatives where feasible. If something happens and you give me less than 3 days notice then I would have to change you for the time.

Where does counselling take place?

I have a quiet room set aside upstairs in my house in the Highfield area of Southampton.

If you do not feel happy going up stairs please let me know when you phone and I can organise somewhere different to meet.

There is unrestricted free parking on the opposite side of the road to the house or free parking for an hour on the same side.

There are frequent buses on the nearby Avenue and the main Southampton train station is about 3 miles away. You can see a map on the contact details page.

How much does it cost?

Individual: £45 per session
Couples: £55 per session

Payment can me made either by cash or cheque.

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Contact me

023 8090 9592